No matter what
ink you choose...

Whether its ink for your brows
or ink for your body, I got you covered.

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A work of art.

The creative field is where I lived for over 20 years.
I take pride in making what I do beautiful.

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Beauty isn't skin
deep...or is it

Seriously, let me make your life easier with perfect brows that you never have to touch for a couple of years, or create a work of art of a special event or memory. It's what I do.

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Why My Clients Choose Me

I think the main reason clients choose ME is quality.

My studio's reputation is about the quality of work done and how I stand behind it. Being a trained technician at WorldMicroblading adds that extra "Yeh, we know what we are doing!" to my already mastered hand-skills. Your skin is my canvas.

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My Services

I offer a complete range of technical hand skills from microblading to tattoos. I have several years under my belt as a tattooist and a lifetime of experience of artistic ability topped off with a degree in Visual Communication along with certificates in my skills. You can learn more about my services below.

Microblading is the latest innovative procedure guaranteed to give you the most natural-looking, thick, and shapely brows of your life.

Ombré- gives a light to dark ombré, lighter at the bulb (front) of the brow and going darker towards the tail. Ombré gives a soft powder makeup look that's still natural looking.

My studio offers high-quality custom tattoos with the latest, safest, cleanest products out there. Just keeping it real.

Tattoo your favorite or most natural color or bring the sexy shape back to your lips with Lip Blushing tattooing.

Bring out the beauty

Again, no matter what ink you choose, female OR male, Ink And Arches will make it a work of art.

Choosing to do Microblading can make a WORLD of difference. Having even brows, shaped brows, thick brows can make a mad, depressed or unhappy expression much happier and present. If you decide to come in for a tattoo but not sure what you want or where, I can help you and give you my opinion and make sure its what you want and you really want to do it. I will not do a tattoo for the sake of doing a tatoo, it's about you.

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Check out the full portfolio of our works including haircuts, hair extensions, and more. Everything you see here was performed by our skilled stylists and hairdressers.

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View all portfolio
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